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Brand Portal

The Brand Portal manages all information relating to your company's brand and corporate design in one central location.. Continue reading>

Digital Asset Management

The BrandMaker Media Pool is the perfect tool for marketing departments wanting to manage their media more effectively. Continue reading>


Accurate sales forecasts help to avoid costs arising from over-production and over-delivery when products can no longer be sold and have to be destroyed. Continue reading>


Intelligent Advertising

Still trying to manage digital advertising with disparate spreadsheets? Frustrated by the limitations of conventional ad server software? Continue reading>

Social Media Analytics

Add context to the social media conversations your customers are having so you can understand, respond to and extract insights from social dialogue. Continue reading>

Profitability Management

It provides accurate cost and profit calculations based on the rule-driven allocation of expenses and revenue down to the individual transaction. Continue reading>


The cloud based Marketing Operations solution from BrandMaker is a modular solution which automates core marketing processes including the creation of advertising material, planning and controlling of marketing activities. The individual modules interact seamlessly with each other. They can either be used alone or as an integrated solution.
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Gut-feel marketing decisions won’t get the results you’re after. You need to make smarter, fact-based decisions based on reliable, relevant data and powerful analytics. Learn how to plan and manage your marketing programs more effectively than ever before. Get more value from your digital assets. Link marketing performance to real revenue.
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censhare is the leading Publishing Media platform for creating, distributing and publishing content across all media channels. With censhare you are free to produce and manage all media objects in one central system – transparent, efficient and secure. Use censhare to integrate all processes, employees and service providers in a central workflow.
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Ensure a uniform creation and efficient process in preparing correspondence and presentations using officeatwork. Standardize all relevant areas of design, template and content management throughout your organization. Continue reading>


The Simplex Media Suite combines all the features of a rich media platform from content implementation and distribution to seamless integration in websites and applications. In addition, real time monitoring and evaluation. Continue reading>



The premiere Open Java CMS that runs the digital presence of your organization by managing marketing, sales and services content for a multi-channel world. Maximize the impact of every touch point with Magnolia CMS.  Continue reading>

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