Make every aspect of project planning, working, and delivering easier with Workfront integration by gateB

Work has changed dramatically, even in the last few years. Workflows need to keep up – but all too often, they don’t. That’s why gateB has chosen to partner with Workfront, a leader in online work management software.

By customizing and integrating Workfront’s leading-edge software solutions, gateB is able to help companies leverage smart, connected, and agile project flows for greater efficiency and better results.

Workfront: designed for modern work

Digital tools should make your work life easier. Workfront delivers on the promise of the digital age, transforming the way your team collaborates. Their software includes functionality like centralized digital workspaces, automated review and approval processes, built-in compliance assurance, and standardized, digitized workflows.

gateB & Workfront: designed for you

By building off of Workfront’s powerful software and customizing it to your company’s unique needs, gateB can deliver a system that makes working easier for every person on your team. We can help you eliminate bottlenecks and the headaches that come with them. Using this digital tool to streamline your workflows translates to greater efficiency, more time and energy for creativity, and increased consistency and compliance in what you create.

Workfront chose to partner with gateB because they recognize how customized implementation can take their software to the next level for their customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how gateB can customize Workfront to transform your work processes, contact us today. We’d love to show you the possibilities in a non-binding meeting.

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