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About Us

We engage our customers on a shared journey into the digital age, helping them conquer milestone after milestone. Our services are target-oriented, pragmatic, and competent, and we are always eager to master the next challenge.

gateB enables companies to increase their marketing performance by taking advantage of our comprehensive approach to data-driven marketing. We consolidate and visualize customer and market data, making it easy to define activities, segments, and channels. Our customers will be able to orchestrate all their marketing activities and contents across various channels, such as the web, mobile, social media, direct mail, e-mail, and more. An extensive tracking and reporting serves to ensure effectivity and efficiency by constantly optimizing the entire marketing process.

gateB was founded in 2009 and employs more than 70 consultants, implementation specialists, and data scientists.

«In a digital world, the future belongs to those that are quick to learn which possibilities can create the best value for their customers.»

— Olaf Gijseman, CEO

Members of the Executive Board

Executive Management gateB

From left: Fabian Hotz, Olaf Gijseman, Patrick Lippuner (has left gateB 2018), Robert Schumacher, René Affolter, Uli Meier, Michael Zehnder und Marco Wyler

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