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Streamline your operations and become more agile and efficient with Aprimo

Aprimo is a leading-edge marketing platform that helps marketing teams in large enterprises and highly regulated industries optimize their content, operations, and performance to save time and money. And when it’s implemented by gateB, an Aprimo Alliance Partner, their versatile software can help you enrich your customer’s experience with your brand in a way that develops loyalty and drives revenue.

Aprimo’s market-leading technology transforms marketing resource management (MRM) and operations.

Aprimo blends a number of solutions the modern marketer needs into a single platform. With Aprimo, you get:

  • A powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) repository
  • A comprehensive Productivity Management solution to streamline – and even automate – collaboration and drive efficiency department-wide
  • A Plan & Spend tool to make it easy to align your marketing spend with your goals and to prove MROI

«25% of Fortune 100 companies utilize Aprimo’s best-in-class MRM platform»

Aprimo is a powerful, reliable, and innovative platform with the capability to scale to meet your business requirements in highly regulated industries.

And you don’t have to unlock all of its potential alone. As an Aprimo Alliance Partner, gateB is here to help you with consulting, implementation, integration, enablement, and support. We understand your requirements, the other tools and vendors, and the data that needs to be managed – and the challenges that accompany each of these elements. We tailor the solution to your specific needs, ensuring Aprimo’s platform is easy to use for your team and simple to leverage based on the way your department works.

We make sure it syncs up with the other pieces of your martech stack so its powerful DAM and smart ops solutions can support the work you’re already doing while being informed by your existing data. We’ll make sure your team gets the training they need to adopt it willingly. And we will be here moving forward to iron out any issues and build out further use as you need it.

If you want a really great DAM that can be deployed today and grow with your business, or you want an operational marketing software that can help your department shine at every turn, gateB and Aprimo are here to help.



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