Whether at banks, credit unions, insurance companies, financial management companies, or credit card companies, the potential of intelligent content management solutions is rarely exhausted. Financial institutions have an exciting opportunity here. The right content at the right time creates measurable added value for customers, provides transparency, and can position companies as experts and go-to partners in the field of financial advice.

The challenge you face

Content management is still neglected, especially in the more traditional institutions of the banking and financial sector. This is particularly reflected in outdated systems or cumbersome processes that cost companies time and money, especially when it comes to content management.  

Providing layouts and publishing and distributing different types of media is no longer enough. Today, content also needs to be personalized and published in real-time on the customer's preferred channel. Additionally, for organizations in regulated industries, in particular, it must also meet compliance in all areas.

The art, and at the same time the acid test, for your content management consists of meeting the increasing customer requirements for personalization and at the same time making the production and distribution of properly compliant content productive. That means automating it as far as possible.

Outdated content management systems quickly reach their limits. They simply can't keep up with the increasingly complex requirements of today's marketer, such as the publication of content in several languages, distribution on several touchpoints, or the use of content across different media. This is exactly where modern solutions come in — to enable rather than limit you.

The added value you can harvest

We have been able to support many leading financial institutions in the implementation of intelligent content management platforms. Our customers are amazed at the degree of automation that can be achieved today — and at the advantages that result from it.

Among other things, customers particularly appreciate:

  • The fully automated production of factsheets and publications 
  • The system-driven updating of content across all sales materials and digital channels facing the customer or advisor
  • The automated generation of charts and the placement of country-specific regulatory information
  • The decreased time-to-market for investment recommendations
  • Simplified client advisor access to relevant materials
  • The extensive data and usage analysis and evaluation options

Does your content management stand up to modern requirements?

This is just a quick summary of how you, as a financial service provider, can benefit from intelligent enterprise content management, capitalizing on its full potential for customer loyalty, efficiency, and revenue gains. With the help of the checklist in our guide below, you can put your existing content management to the test.

Guide: Intelligent Content Management as a Success Factor in the Financial Industry

Guide: Intelligent Content Management as a Success Factor in the Financial Industry


Download our guide right here and take the next step in optimizing your content management — and your marketing efforts in general. 

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