Caritas, one of the most renowned NPO in Switzerland, has many years of experience with campaign management, trending topics and suitable target groups. Thanks to methods of artificial intelligence, gateB's data scientists were able to provide Caritas with models that significantly increased the donation rate once again.

Amazing how the prediction models from gateB significantly increased our donations once again.

Daniel Galliker

Head of Marketing Services, Caritas Switzerland

Predictive Analytics

gateB developed predictive models for Caritas to maximize donations. To do this, gateB's data scientists analyzed historical donation behavior in terms of frequency, amount, topic, etc.

Presumed top donors as well as campaign recipients with high conversion rates can now be quickly identified and addressed even more specifically, which in turn leads to more donations.

Campaign dashboard

In order to evaluate campaign results, a dashboard was created, which for the first time allows new KPI's and customer developments to be viewed and interpreted over time.

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