Personal, target-oriented, meaningful – these are the factors that determine the success of your customer communication. Behavior-based customer segmentation is the key method for controlling those factors and driving success.

Robert Schumacher

Director, gateB

Which touchpoints do your customers prefer? How strong is their commitment to your brand? How do they interact with your business? If you're still only segmenting by sociodemographic data, you're missing an opportunity. With gateB's latest tool, you can segment your customers not only by gender or age, but also by how they actually interact with your brand.

Easily understandable visualization
By analyzing the behavior and interaction data of your entire customer base, customer groups with similar characteristics emerge, visualized in easy-to-understand graphics. You can then quickly identify significant characteristics and define more relevant segments than ever before. What's more, the resulting segmentation will be applied to each individual customer profile and stored in the corresponding system (e.g. CRM, ERP) so that findings can be implemented wherever they are relevant.

Factsheet: Behavioral segmentation

Factsheet: Behavioral segmentation

Learn how behavioral segmentation can help you create the optimal customer journey and achieve long-term success.

Data-based, implementable personas
When you include behavior and interaction data in your customer segmentation, you can create more closely defined personas on an ongoing basis. Those personas can then be easily operationalized and further developed in a customer-centric manner. This way, you can design your marketing measures more individually and efficiently for higher conversion rates and a sustainable improvement in customer relations.

A solution that grows with you
If you want to win new customers or develop new areas, our tool can grow with you. The segmentation is scalable and can automatically integrate new customers and new data points. As it does, it's continuously sharpened and strengthened.

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