Customer consultants, sales staff, and relationship managers are challenged today, not least because they have to deal with informed and demanding customers. Automating the creation of sales material is an effective tool for enabling the sales team to focus fully on fulfilling customer wishes.

Uli Meier

Director, gateB

Automated integration of current data, graphics, diagrams, etc.
With a web-based content hub for the creation and management of marketing and sales materials, numerous processes can be designed more efficiently – and quality-assured. As a result, the creation of materials with dynamic information takes significantly less time. Images, icons, graphics, charts, and diagrams, for example, do not have to be created manually but are automatically integrated when the product or another data point is chosen. This also applies to editorials or country-specific information, freeing up your marketing team to take care of strategic and creative tasks.

Interface for collaboration with external parties
An interface directly shared with the relevant agencies also generates efficiency gains when translating documents or cooperating with lawyers and other internal and external experts. There is no need for tedious exporting and sending back and forth; the entire coordination is automated in a secure workflow with detailed access rights.

Guide: Intelligent Content Management

Guide: Intelligent Content Management

Learn how a content hub can help your sales team strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue.

Learn how a content hub can help your sales team strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue.

User-friendly personalization of materials
Within the web-based portal, employees around the world have sales documents available around the clock with data that is always up to date – and always updated to be relevant for their region. Salespeople can adapt or compile the necessary documents themselves, customizing them to the respective customers. Whether it is a report, a flyer, a factsheet about a product, a customer presentation, or a pitch book, with just a few clicks, the salesperson has a tailor-made version.

Some of the main advantages a content hub offers include:

  • Worldwide uniform web portal for all sales materials
  • Automated chart generation and layout of country- and product-specific information
  • Significant efficiency gains in the preparation and updating of documents
  • Guarantee of CI conformity, up-to-dateness and completeness

Drive your most profitable products and most relevant content while equipping your sales team with a tool to strengthen customer relationships and increase customer loyalty and revenue. We would be happy to personally show you what is possible in this area at a non-binding meeting. Simply contact us.

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