Customer journey mapping enables you to trace customer behavior at all touchpoints on the basis of data, set up high-quality customer journeys, and steer decisive customer interactions at the right moment.

Marco Wyler

Director, gateB

Today's customers no longer simply want a product, but an experience. And their behavior is becoming increasingly complex due to the growing number of touchpoints and the shift to the digital world. With our customer journey mapping solution, companies can identify crucial moments of truth in a customer relationship through the data-based analysis of customer behavior. Then, with that information, they can define micro-journeys that are gradually merged into an overall experience that is continually optimized. As a result of the clear visualization, all journeys can then be automated and operationalized without great effort.

Guest lecture (in German) on "Using data along the customer journey" by Marco Wyler, Director gateB, for the CAS Digital Communication Excellence at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden.

Essential advantages of a customer journey mapping:

  • Use data to understand your customers’ behavior and their key decision-making moments
  • Create high-quality customer journeys and guide crucial customer interactions contextually
  • Build and expand sustainable customer relationships by avoiding negative moments and creating wow-worthy ones
  • Increase conversion and customer satisfaction
Factsheet: Customer Journey Mapping

Factsheet: Customer Journey Mapping

Learn more about our Customer Journey Mapping and how to track actual customer behavior and manage critical customer interactions.