Marketing technology, by design, supports marketers at every turn. With a robust martech stack, more and more marketing teams have more legwork handled for them and more guesswork taken out of their day. But a surprising number of organizations are missing the opportunity to use one key marketing technology: template management & document automation.

With template management & document automation, you get a way to speed marketing production, bolster brand consistency, and minimize the human resources needed to create and update documents, presentations, and emails across your organization. And studies show that brands who choose template management see dramatic ROI, too.

The benefits of template management & document automation

There has long been a tension between marketing and sales. Salespeople's top priority is winning clients. It’s not that they are directly opposed to aligning with brand guidelines. But the speed with which they need to develop client presentations and offerings often makes things like design and specific brand language a low priority.

With template management and especially document automation, that changes. By providing people across the organization — including but by no means limited to sales — with preapproved brand-consistent templates for the documents they need, and more automation for always up-to-date content, you support success in three ways.

  1. First, of course, you support brand consistency. With set templates, everything is just where it should be. Logos are properly formatted and placed. Key language and data points are, too. The template ensures that the documents that leave your organization represent your brand well.
  2. You also support the success of the individuals using those documents. When templates can be monitored and regularly updated in an automated way, the people using them can rest easy knowing those templates contain the most accurate, up-to-date information possible. For example, charts about the performance of a certain product or service can be continually updated and reflected in the latest template. A good template management platform will offer smart interfaces that update information like this automatically.

  3. On top of that, when they don’t have to worry about complying with brand guidelines, the process of creating the document they need gets much easier for people throughout your organization.  The right template management platform can (through plugins) deliver the template they need in a format with which they’re already comfortable, like Microsoft 365.

The benefits in numbers

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Forrester recently conducted a Total Economic Impact of Templafy, a template management platform. They found that:

  • Users saved an average of almost four hours per week with the template management platform
  • The speed of document and presentation creation went up by 30%
  • Organizations with 10,000 users saw an ROI of 1,239%
  • Organizations called on IT 95% less frequently for document and presentation creation

We’ve partnered up with Templafy, a leader in template management software

Integrating a template management & documentation automation platform at your brand

Whether you want to explore template management & document automation as a sales enablement tool or to support your entire organization, it’s important to choose the right platform to support your goals. With that in mind, we’ve partnered up with Templafy, a leader in template management software. Their solution has helped countless brands save worker hours, support brand consistency, and streamline the creation of top-tier documents, emails, and presentations.

Part of the reason we’ve partnered with Templafy is that their solution seamlessly integrates into existing martech stacks. For example, we are working with a global financial services firm that uses an enterprise content management solution. We are working to integrate Templafy into that CMS, giving them robust template management functionality within that already established platform.

Do you want to learn more about what template management can do for you — and how you can get it up and running at your organization? Don’t hesitate to contact our team today.