As one of the largest health insurers in Switzerland, Sanitas Krankenversicherung is known for its high standard of automated and digitalized communication. Effective customer communication is a critical need for their company because they largely operate without their own sales force.

To get a deeper understanding of their customers so they could strengthen communication with them, gateB supported Sanitas in defining behavior-based customer attributes.

We can only have a meaningful interaction with our customers if we go beyond socio-demographic data to know their interests and needs. With gateB's support, we are now in a position to understand our customers even better and to make communication, product, and service development more customer-oriented.

Lea Bachmann

Head of Customer Analytics & Data Management at Sanitas Krankenversicherung

Better understanding of customers

Sanitas wanted a tailor-made solution that would enable them to understand their customers even better — beyond socio-demographic data. The aim was to identify attributes for each customer (e.g., content affinity, interaction affinity). In turn, better understanding of those unique attributes enables highly personalized interaction and the suggestion of the best services for that individual. In this way, Sanitas can target customers with individual, relevant offers along their journey. 

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