Live Webinars: October 22nd, October 29th, and November 5th, 4pm (CET)

Companies often lack the context and understanding of customers' true intentions when interactions take place or are triggered at a particular touchpoint. The result: frustrating customer experiences.

The Forrester Opportunity Snapshot provides an indication of the scale of this problem, revealing that while 82% of organisations claim that they have adopted a customer-led approach in their journey planning, only 13% of brands have in reality successfully achieved it.

There is often a lack of integration between technologies, data and approaches. For each channel there is a different technology, another data silo and a team that does not fully understand the customer's intention. According to research by Forrester and our partner Thunderhead only a quarter (27%) of respondents are making full use of all customer data sources, across all channels, off-line and digital. 

We have to see communication with our customers as a constant dialogue and not as a series of unique experiences. To do this, we have to put ourselves in a position to listen to customers and hand them over the lead in the conversation.

Learn more about it in our webinar series with our partner Thunderhead on ‘Stop Thinking Channels, Start Thinking Journeys’.

In a poll of almost 500 marketing and CX professionals by Thunderhead, 85% of respondents reported that customer-led journeys were either ‘essential’ or ‘very important’ for brands today, with over half stating that they believe the benefits would be 'transformative' for their business.

Our speakers at the webinar-series (from left to right)

Frans Riemersma, Top #10 MarTech Influencer in Europe

Florian Riedl, Head of Digital at Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Béatrice Sidler, Head of Multichannel Management at Zürcher Kantonalbank

Marco Wyler, Director at gateB

Darren Loveday, SVP Customer Engagement at Thunderhead

1. Live-Webinar (in English) with Frans Riemersma, Top #10 MarTech Influencer in Europe, followed by Panel Discussion - Why should the customer lead?

In this first webinar Frans Riemersma, Top #10 MarTech Influencer in Europe, will address the challenges companies face today when they need to find and integrate technologies that can help them personalize their customer interactions. Marketing for the majority of companies is channel-driven, many are already on the way to being data-driven, but only a few use the journey as the main driver. Frans explains the potential of a “journey first” approach in the selection and optimization of marketing technologies and shares valuable knowledge from his practice as a marketing technologist.

After Frans’ speech we will go into a live-panel discussion with Frans Riemersma, #10 MarTech Influencer in Europe, Darren Loveday, SVP Customer Engagement at Thunderhead, and Marco Wyler, Director gateB. In this panel discussion we will address:

  • What challenges companies face today when they need to find and integrate technologies that can help them personalize their customer interactions
  • Why companies are shifted from being channel-driven, to being data-driven, and where does journey fit in?
  • Why companies must digitally transform to connect the entire customer journey
  • How technology brings together business operations
  • Why understanding customer intent is so important
  • How brands can deliver effective omnichannel engagement programs
  • How a customer-led journey is the solution to the problem

The webinar took already place. Watch the Replay here.

2. Live-Webinar (in German) with Florian Riedl, Head of Digital at Energie Baden-Württemberg AG: Omnichannel personalization strategy successfully implemented

In this second webinar Florian Riedl, Head of Digital bei Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW), reports on the comprehensive digitization initiative at EnBW and in particular on their personalization strategy, which was implemented using the engagement platform from Thunderhead. Today, the company is able to incorporate behavior and preferences into the customer experience and to recognize them in real time via online and offline channels and to apply findings (e.g. Next Best Conversation) to customer interactions immediately. The result: more customers, more loyalty.

The webinar already took place. Here you find a summary with the key takeaways. 

At Thunderhead, we’ve helped our customers realise fantastic results. We reduced call volumes by over 25% for one retailer by servicing customers on more effective channels, increased a sports team’s global ticket sales by 6% through journey-based engagement and uncovered over $1m monthly revenue opportunity for a leading telco provider. 

Ray Gerber

Chief Solutions Officer, Thunderhead

3. Live-Webinar (in German) with Béatrice Sidler, Head of Multichannel Management at Zürcher Kantonalbank: Being relevant for clients. Today and tomorrow.

Being accessible to customers at all times and at the same time reliably creating customer relevance is becoming increasingly important. But it's easier said than done.

Béatrice Sidler, who has been responsible for Multichannel Management at Zürcher Kantonalbank since the beginning of 2020, explains what has made multichannel management at ZKB so successful and how it will continue to accompany customers on their trips in the future. 

At the end of the session, there will be a quick Q&A for any attendee questions. The webinar already took place. A summary will be available soon.

Report: Customer Journey Orchestration's role in digital transformation

Report: Customer Journey Orchestration's role in digital transformation

In this report from our tech-partner Thunderhead you will learn about the limitations of most approaches to customer journeys and how to deliver customer journey orchestration, without the pain!

Download Report: Customer Journey Orchestration's role in digital transformation