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We are the Swiss partner for BrandMaker

Higher effectivity and efficiency with marketing resource management by gateB and BrandMaker

BrandMaker is one of the pioneers in customer engagement and a leading vendor of marketing resource management (MRM) systems. The modular platform can be combined in any desired way and covers the whole marketing process.

With our tailored digital asset management (DAM) system all marketing and sales-related files are administered centrally and available anywhere, anytime. It is not only streamlines all marketing, sales, and other processes but also guarantees CI and CD consistency throughout all corporate communications.

The marketing planner offers many benefits when developing a marketing plan. It saves time and money, maximizes transparency, and provides an overview that makes planning overall strategy and individual campaigns easy, as well as measuring their success.

The marketing shop streamlines all necessary steps for getting advertisement material to distributed teams, including the execution of order and delivery processes. Be it an image motif or a merchandising article, marketing materials of all kinds can be easily provided by the central office to the peripheral units, e.g. branches.

The job manager is perfect for marketing areas where creative workflows for creation and realization of advertisement materials should be simplified, accelerated, and better documented. The job manager is a significant aid in the administration of tasks and project management, especially when different parties have to work together to regularly produce marketing materials. 

gateB has been the Swiss partner of BrandMaker for many years and is experienced in tailoring solutions based on BrandMaker to the needs and requirements of companies of all sizes and branches.

Use Case


Read here on how Oerlikon strengthened its communication with a single point of contact for all marketing and communication needs and unified its brand image while at the same time achieving efficiency gains at all levels.

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