Give your partners everything they need to be successful

Many companies rely on dealers, branches, agencies, distributors or franchisees to sell their products. Most of them are not trained marketing experts and need support to successfully promote products and services to customers.

With the right technologies and tools, sales partners can be empowered to run local marketing campaigns independently and in line with central CI/CD guidelines.

With our online marketing portals, marketing execution can be decentralized while simultaneously increasing global synergies, transparency and the degree of automation

  • Single source of truth for all brand assets – easily accessed and downloaded at any time
  • One central communication tool to keep partners informed
  • More efficient collaboration between headquarters and subsidiaries as well as partners
  • More efficient planning and launching of local campaigns that can be tracked, measured and optimized
  • Reports on the usage of content and channels to optimize content production and communication with partners
We have supported over 70 companies in the area of channel, partner & local area marketing. We understand user requirements and local specialties and can translate them into fitting system functionalities.

René Affolter

Director, gateB

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Guide: Six reasons to have marketing portal

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