Lead Generation: It's about quality

With data intelligence, it is now possible to determine more quickly whether a lead fits the customer profile and whether this lead has a chance of becoming a customer or concluding a new deal. At the same time, marketing technologies support companies in automating processes and triggering lead conversions at the relevant touchpoint.

Automation of the lead generation process

We support you in managing your data and using the right technologies to connect your sales with your digital touchpoints and generate leads and conversions along individual customer journeys.

Use lead scoring to pass on only qualified leads, generated online, to your sales teams. Benefit from data you gather to gain insights into customer behavior and ultimately address customers in a more personalized way.

Automate your lead generation process and trigger the Next-Best-Action at the relevant touchpoint and at the right moment.

We develop and implement lead generation measures, define measurement systems and visualize KPIs in intuitive dashboards. In doing so, we create transparency across the entire lead funnel, from Google Ads to the conclusion of contracts in ERP and CRM.

Robert Schumacher

Director, gateB

Why to invest in your lead generation process

  • Efficient generation of qualified leads
  • Increase conversion rate along the entire customer journey
  • Optimal orchestration of the leads across the different contact points - based on a score, customer value or other criteria
  • Generation of additional insights about customer behavior that can be made available to the sales department for a relevant contact approach
  • Increased transparency about the lead funnel and step-by-step learning thanks to systematic measurement
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Column KMU Magazine: Long live the Trigger!

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