Automate the creation and updating of marketing & sales documents

Marketing and sales have to work hand-in-hand. While marketing creates the materials, requirements for the content are also set by sales. They expect up-to-date documents that can easily be personalized.

gateB has many years of experience in implementing and integrating sales enablement technologies. We have already supported various global financial institutions and insurance companies in automating the creation and management of their marketing and sales materials.

To meet today’s requirements for always up-to-date and customizable sales material, marketing teams rely on automation. With our solutions marketing and sales teams benefit from:

  • Central management of all content for different types of documents, publications and online formats
  • Simple creation or compilation of individualized customer presentations
  • Automated generation of marketing and sales materials, optimized for each output device
  • Diagrams, graphics, tables and figures continuously updated via interfaces to chart engines
  • Chart generation, disclaimer rules and personalization algorithms integrated directly in the system
  • User-friendly portal for sales teams where sales materials can easily be found, personalized and downloaded

With our solutions your sales team will be equipped to meet the increasing demands of your customers, which will ultimately enable your company not only to increase sales, but to maintain satisfied customers.

Uli Meier

Director, gateB

Why to invest in Sales Enablement and Automation

  • Sales teams and customers always have the right content and materials at hand
  • Customers receive relevant content, which offers added value by providing targeted information
  • Measurement of ROI (of content as well as channels) is enabled by process automation
Guide: Process automation

Guide: Process automation

Learn how you can empower your sales teams and make your marketing more efficient.

Learn how you can empower your sales teams and make your marketing more efficient.