Web-based solutions to centrally create and manage content

With increasing personalization, the need to create content multiplies enormously. However, budgets and resources are hardly increasing (if not decreasing).

Especially in larger companies with many departments and external partners, agencies and translators are often involved in the content lifecycle. With a central web-based platform, collaboration can be made much more efficient and many of the otherwise time-consuming processes can be automated.

gateB offers comprehensive solutions for company-wide content management systems. These CMS solutions range from the collaborative creation of content to the automated production of marketing and sales materials with dynamic data.

We have many years of experience in implementing content management solutions - from creating annual reports using intelligent software to implementing comprehensive content hubs for the automated production of sales materials.

René Affolter

Director, gateB

Why to invest in an enterprise CMS

  • Streamline your content processes and boost your content productivity
  • Minimize the time you spend at each stage of the content lifecycle while maximizing output and increasing your content ROI
  • Build a consistent omnichannel experience for your customers
Guide: Intelligent Content Management

Guide: Intelligent Content Management

Learn how a CMS can help your marketing and sales team strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue.