Send out personalized communication

Customer experience has long been at the centre of all communication. We help you trigger the right action at the right moment along individual customer journeys. Making smart use of the right software.

Our marketing automation solutions ensure a behavior-based customer approach. We combine classic campaign management with customer first thinking

Marketing Automation combines data and content directly at the touchpoint and generates measurable added value.

Marco Wyler

Director, gateB

We help you grow with the right marketing automation software

Why to invest in Marketing Automation

  • Build up and align marketing automation competence
  • Take a holistic customer view and integrate marketing automation in the wider context of customer lifecycle marketing  
  • Create customer segments and profiles that become more relevant and precise over time
  • Adopt a multichannel campaign management logic – from conception, implementation to enablement and performance review
  • Orchestrate and prioritize the increasing number of automated campaigns
  • Manage your campaigns from conception to implementation
Guide: Being everything to everyone at anytime

Guide: Being everything to everyone at anytime

Learn how you can optimize your customer experience by overcoming the traditional customer life cycle and replacing it with intelligent customer journey mapping.