With our data-driven Multichannel Campaign Management, companies create a meaningful brand experience for their customers and use customer lifecycle marketing to increase ROI.

Marco Wyler

Director, gateB


The need for automation is constantly growing due to increased complexity and rising data volumes. In addition, new methods and channels require a rethinking of marketing measures and budgeting. Nowadays, a company can no longer start from the traditional customer life cycle. Instead, the various client interaction points must be aggregated, analyzed, interpreted and intelligently orchestrated.


With our analytical Multichannel Campaign Management gateB supports you from conception to implementation and optimization of cross-channel campaigns and processes. Behavioral data is evaluated, target segments defined, and the most relevant offers sent out through your offline and online channels at the right time. We turn your website into an interactive, individualized touchpoint with real-time, behavior-related retargeting. We even integrate CRM data for context-related individualization. With a closed-loop principle, campaign optimization becomes an integrated process. Changes in behavior are analyzed and anticipated, and methods adapted respectively.

Your added value

Through data-based multichannel campaign management, your company achieves higher marketing performance. Your customers and prospects receive meaningful content at the right time through the right channel. From the introduction of Multichannel Campaign Management to full service, gateB offers the right solution for every company, adapted to existing needs and requirements.

Guide: Being everything to everyone at anytime

Guide: Being everything to everyone at anytime

Learn how you can optimize your customer experience by overcoming the traditional customer life cycle and replacing it with intelligent customer journey mapping.