Offering a meaningful experience to your customers

Customer intelligence provides the indispensable knowledge to meet customers’ expectations. It requires a thoughtful analysis of where and how you collect meaningful data alongside a focus on data competence in your company. On top of that, as you develop skills in data intelligence and technology, you also need to strengthen and organize working methods, be open to cultural change and much more.

Only with a comprehensive knowledge of customers and their behavior can we have meaningful conversations

With the right customer intelligence tools and processes in place, you can

  • Establish a 360-degree view of your customer
  • Visualize and analyze omnichannel customer journeys
  • Apply behavior-based customer segmentation
  • Introduce trigger-based Marketing
  • Use predictive analytics to anticipate customer behavior and trigger the next best action
  • Use lead scoring to increase marketing and sales efficiency
  • Use attribution modeling to optimize media output

As you think about customer intelligence, do not forget to involve your organization and address cultural and strategic considerations.

Only those who own and are able to develop customer relations will be successful in the long term. Customer Intelligence provides the necessary tools and knowledge for this.

Robert Schumacher

Director, gateB

Why to invest in Customer Intelligence

  • Improve customer insights and gain deeper knowledge of customer needs
  • Increase transparency and know-how about customer behavior
  • See higher conversions, cross- and upselling rates as well as closure rates
  • Prevent churn and increase customer loyalty
  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction (Net Promoter Score)
  • Increase product penetration and share of wallet through automated and AI-supported product recommendations
Guide: Being everything to everyone, at anytime

Guide: Being everything to everyone, at anytime

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