Visualize your campaign data to continuously optimize your marketing campaigns

Nowadays, no one can complain about a lack of data. Still, in order to generate real value from the abundance of data, it must be analyzed and visualized. This is the only way to generate actionable knowledge on the basis of which the right measures can be taken and the right actions executed.

With dashboards from gateB, you get a real-time overview of your campaigns and their performance. The return on marketing investment can easily be determined so that your budget can be allocated in a optimal manner.

With your data visualization and dashboard functionality, you can:

  • Identify KPIs that reflect your goals and create comparability
  • Use the right methods for data collection and visualization
  • Visualize the results of your data analysis in a way that is intuitively understandable
  • Have an overview of campaigns success and measures always at hand in order to continuously optimize your activities
  • Measure the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

We have many years of experience in analyzing and visualizing data, our marketing experts and data scientists have already assisted many companies in making the most of their data and developing successful strategies.

Robert Schumacher

Director, gateB

Campaign Dashboard for IKEA

In order to monitor and improve the effectiveness of the IKEA family campaigns, gateB created a comprehensive dashboard together with the marketing performance team of IKEA.