Single source of truth for your entire content lifecycle

Leading companies still struggle with media assets being stored in different places, inconsistent data structures and mostly manual content lifecycles. A modern DAM solution not only offers organized storage and access, but also supports the entire content lifecycle: from automated media upload including tagging with AI, to customizable review and approval processes, to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


The number of digital assets (e.g. authorized images, texts, logos) that companies use for communication is increasing day by day. In many companies’ assets are stored in silos in their various technologies. Even when assets get updated in one platform, outdated versions are all too often left behind both in that platform and across other channels. This leads to unnecessary additional work and inefficient processes.


That’s where a DAM comes in. By acting as a central repository for every digital asset your brand uses, it gives people a single source of truth. When they pull an asset from the DAM, they can rest easy knowing they have the latest approved version of that asset. That also means that whenever a new asset is released, corporate only needs to put it in a single location. Everyone stays on the same page with less work.

Our DAM solutions support you along your entire content lifecycle

We provide you with a DAM that meets all your marketing requirements and ensures a seamless integration with your existing marketing platforms.

René Affolter

Director, gateB

Finding a DAM that works with you

From an outside perspective, a DAM seems like a no-brainer. Why don’t all brands use a single, central management system for their ever-increasing number of assets? The answer is easy. All too many companies have tried to use a DAM, only to find that it actually creates more work, not less, for their team. We can set you up with a DAM that offers support for multiple asset types, customizable taxonomy and metadata functionality, definable user roles, and more.

We ensure your DAM integrates beautifully with every marketing platform your team uses. We can customize your DAM to your brand’s exact needs. We also offer training so your team feels comfortable using it.

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