Collaborating with a user-friendly workflow and task management tool

The right workflow and task management tool makes working easier for every individual in your organization and your organization as a whole. It helps you track metrics so you can directly link effort to MROI. It fosters collaboration and helps your brand thrive.

Benefits of a workflow and task management tool

  • Clarity: With an easy-to-set-up dashboard, you can get an instantaneous bird’s eye view of all of your relevant projects and the pieces in them, enabling easy tracking and supporting productivity where it’s most needed. Color code, drag and drop, or do whatever else you need to stay organized and on top of your game. With customizable views, every member of your team can do the same.
  • Time savings: If it takes your more than a few clicks to get a new task up and running in your workflow and task management tool, that’s too long. The right one — customized for your brand — makes it easy to hit the ground running.
  • Integration: Why should you have to go to a separate solution to get the pieces you need to execute on a project? When your workflow and task management tool integrates with your MRM solution, you can keep everything you need in one place.
  • Tracking: How productive is your team, really? How much does all of the effort you put in correlate with marketing success? When you have the ability to carefully track each step of a project, you can identify bottlenecks and connect employee hours to MROI.
  • Automation: Take the legwork out of project management. With automated workflows, you can cut out the time wasters. You don’t have to ping the next person in the workflow to let them know a task is ready for them, for example.

The right workflow and collaboration tool helps all members of your team work successfully and achieve an efficient content lifecycle.

René Affolter

Director, gateB