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We are censhare's established partner in Switzerland

Content Management and Multichannel Publishing with censhare

censhare is a digital experience platform with a modular structure that facilitates – and even enables – numerous communication processes.

censhare manages and connects all types of digital content in a central system. What's more, it automates the associated content processes from within that system. Texts, images, graphics, and videos, plus Office, InDesign, and HTML files, are stored, managed, and linked to product master data in a central, media-neutral database. With the push of a button, it's ready for any output channel you specify. With censhare, you can control and automate the production of content for all touchpoints, regions, and languages.

For many years, gateB has been using censhare's platform to create tailor-made solutions for companies in a wide variety of industries and with a wide range of needs.

With this fully integrated content management platform, you can manage your information without silos and master the complex interplay of information, tasks, and people. Ultimately, you get maximum efficiency in planning and controlling your resources.

White Paper

White Paper

Read our white paper on the multiple functions of a content hub. Learn why many companies today see their hub as an indispensable tool in achieving marketing success. 

A content management platform (also known as a content hub or corporate newsroom) is an important building block for a successful content marketing strategy and a convincing brand presence. Global brands such as Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover, Kohl's, and Hearst Magazines use censhare's content management platform to inspire their target groups.

Reasons to use a smart content management platform

  • You can easily and efficiently manage and personalize content, digital assets, and product information on a large scale for multiple channels (including web, print, and social), formats, personas, and languages.
  • Working in silos is complex. censhare connects the entire company and makes it easy to execute digital marketing tasks, including product information management, digital asset management, multichannel publishing, and translation management.
  • The right content management platform openly interfaces with any external sources and applications. censhare functions as a strategic center for digital and analog communication processes.
  • Leverage the latest technologies to drive marketing efficiency. Choose censhare to get a future-proof, proven, and highly scalable software.



Success Story

Success Story

Read this story to see how a major Swiss bank strengthened its sales force and automated the creation of updated fact sheets and customer presentations with gateB's solution based on censhare.

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