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gateB at the 1. Marketing Natives Event

March 23, 2018

Thoughts on digital transformation in marketing

Our Director Robert Schumacher was the keynote speaker at the Marketing Natives Event on 21 March in the Volkshaus Zurich. Here we present the quintessence of his presentation.

The digital transformation is progressing steadily, but many companies are already sobering because their high expectations have not been met. This is often due to the fact that they merely optimize the functions of "analog" processes instead of carrying out a fundamentally different understanding of the processes, a process pattern change. Take Spotify: only the fundamentally changed structures in supply and consumer behaviour can be described as disruptive.

New concepts, not only new technologies lead to long-term success.

Detailed knowledge about our customers plays a crucial role for us marketers. New technologies enable new customer needs. We must know how to recognize and satisfy them so as not to sink into insignificance. The possession of data is essential for this.

The iPad versions of newspapers and magazines can serve as an example. They were already launched some time ago by the publishing houses and also intensively promoted. However, the digital product is purchased in the app store, which as a consequence also received all the data on consumption, buying and surfing behaviour. As a result, publishers lose the ability to conduct personalized communication that really appeals to customers and responds to their needs, and therefore they are no longer able to provide a personalized service and miss the opportunity to take advantage of potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Secure your customer relationship, otherwise someone else will.

Data is available and becoming ever more thanks to new technologies. Countless apps from different areas of life collect data. We must succeed in generating useful insights from these mountains of data.

White Paper


Read our white paper about the 5 requirements for marketing in a digital world to learn more about big data & analytics in marketing

And this is exactly what marketing analytics is needed for nowadays. Google is receiving an enormous amount of advertising budgets worldwide, although it is not an advertising company in the narrow sense, but because it a) has the data and b) understands how to analyze this data profitably, so that Google is able to serve personalized ads, offering users what they are interested in at the right time and place.

Do you know what is behind your data? Do you use intelligent modelling methods to make predictions about the future behaviour of your customers?

You need detailed knowledge of your customers' behaviour to be relevant!

We're running out of time. That's why you should think for the long term and set yourself big goals, but don't stay in your head too long. Agile organizations that move forward in small steps, learn fast and implement what they have learned quickly will be among the winners.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. (Stephen Hawking)

At gateB, we guide organizations (small and large) with a step by step approach through their Big Data & Analytics journey. Based on our experience, the companies that succeed are those that implement a structured and systematic approach to their Big Data Journey. For example, with small and medium companies, a first step is the development of its data infrastructure or data governance, whereas with larger companies, it is to allow data science to run the decision making within the business.


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