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Open Food Data Meets Smart Kitchen

September 13, 2018

gateB develops a solution for the reduction of food waste

At the Open Food Data Meets Smart Kitchen Hackdays, gateB's team successfully mastered the "Solve Food Waste" challenge. The jury nominated the team as the 2nd winner.

It was an intense weekend for our data scientists. At this hackday event, they were tasked with developing a functional solution for Challenge #4 – Solve Food Waste (by SIX) from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The team that addressed this challenge was made up of five gateB employees, a representative of V-ZUG, and three independent participants.

To tackle the challenge, the team first assigned tasks to the respective experts – from data preparation to frontend/backend to visualization – and mockups were created. As a minimal viable product (MVP), a functioning app was developed that intelligently manages the food stored at home. For example, the app could dynamically calculate the expiration date of individual foods and display which are about to spoil. In addition, it would offer recipe suggestions that include food that's about to expire. The dynamic calculation of expiration dates is carried out using machine learning so that these calculations become more accurate with each input. 

«The event was extremely intense, the nights were short, but it was very exciting to work with this team, and all of us were delighted that we were able to develop a working prototype.»

— Ramon Lifart, Teamleader Data Science, gateB

And, in fact, the team managed to develop a fully functional MVP that the other participants of the Hackdays were able to test on Sunday. Many other implementations were developed but, due to a lack of time, could not all be fully integrated. Some examples of these additional planned functionalities include: 

  • Image recognition, which reads grocery store receipts and automatically updates the home inventory
  • The connection of the API of the Combi-Steamer oven from V-ZUG, so that the recipe can be sent directly from the app to it (e.g. 15 minutes at 230 °C hot air)

The jury ultimately nominated the gateB team as the 2nd winner, so there is now the opportunity to continue working on the solution with the support of V-ZUG and SIX.

The Open Food Data Meets Smart Kitchen Hackdays were conducted by, V-ZUG, SIX, gateB, and other partners from September 7th to 9th in Zug. The event brought together engineers, developers, agricultural and nutrition experts, academics, and data specialists to develop new solutions for a transparent and sustainable food system.


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