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gateB at the IAB Italy Forum in Milan

December 4, 2017

gateB workshop at the IAB Italy Forum

gateB attended the IAB Italy Forum in Milan, the leading digital advertising event in Italy, and held a workshop on how to tap into the potential of technology and data to make marketing and communication processes more efficient.

During our workshop, Andrea Küpfer, CMO and responsible for the Italian market at gateB, talked about the advantages of using a content hub to create, update and distribute multimedia content across channels – online and print. Making smart use of technology and data is today a prerequisite to become more efficient in our marketing and communication practices, and to enable marketers to tell stories, focusing on the content and less on its distribution.

White Paper


Read in our white paper why a content hub is a necessity for a successful multichannel marketing.


This year's edition of the IAB Italy Forum in Milan took place on November 29/30. It is the first digital advertising event in Italy and the fourth in Europe in terms of attendance. This edition focused on the theme of those “Born Digital”, providing ideas and practical insights for developing effective interaction with digital natives.

The Forum presented inspirational contents and live demos on virtual reality, humanoid robotics and artificial intelligence, but also a detailed look at how to approach and communicate with the post-millennials, a generation that lives, thinks and breathes digital and which, for this reason, can offer companies unprecedented creative opportunities.

We loved the speeches... 

  • ... on the privacy by design. The European search engine Qwant (by Alberto Chalon) is built for a sustainable future of search for Europe, avoiding filtered (search) realities of European citizens.
  • ... AI love Human from PHD who concluded that in the future we will only have two kinds of brands: high interest and low interest. The first will require a marketing of emotions (real ones!) and the latter will only just be a marketing for algorithms.
  • ... by entrepreneur Jeff Kofman, former reporter, who launched trint, an online transcription software. He stood out for his bold vision: ‘to trint’ shall once become a word in the dictionary like ‘to google’.
  • ... of Cambridge Analytics and their demonstration of how much power data can really have, for the good or the worse…
  • ... of the two Italian companies Enel and Pirelli and their journey in the digital world!


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