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December 12, 2018

More efficiency and transparency with a marketing planning tool

Marketing is becoming increasingly complex. The challenges marketers are facing are more numerous every day. To manage the increasing number and diversity of the various necessary marketing activities, an appropriate planning tool is needed.

Marketing teams need to operate faster now than ever before. BrandMaker compared marketing today to the marketing efforts of 15 years ago. They found that today’s marketing leaders have to coordinate 6.5 times more projects across 11.9 times more agencies in 15 percent of the time.

Efficiency and transparency
A marketing planning tool is not just a planning tool; it also supports marketers in controlling and monitoring all activities and campaigns. This significantly reduces effort, streamlines processes, and makes collaboration with external partners more efficient. Our web-based software solution ensures short planning, coordination and reaction times and ensures maximum transparency.

Success measurement
What's more, the success of marketing measures can also be easily measured with a planning tool. This tool can help you define key performance indicators, making it easier to measure the impact of individual actions and compare them against the impacts of other actions. The return on marketing investment can be determined in no time at all. This ultimately enables optimal budget allocation, delivering a decisive competitive advantage.

Quality assurance
Traditional marketing planning (e.g. manual work with Excel spreadsheets) is not only much more time-consuming, but also more error-prone than working together in a centrally managed tool. Many traditional sources of error are eliminated by increased transparency and streamlined communication.



Learn why a marketing portal is essential for an agile marketing team and relevant and consistent brand communication.

Key advantages of a marketing planning tool include:

- Efficient processes and workflows
- Short planning, coordination, and reaction times
- Maximum transparency and clear overviews from planning to performance measurement
- Optimal budget allocation
- Quality assurance

Tailor-made solutions
Every company is different and has different needs. Our marketing planning tool can easily be adapted to your specific requirements. We have many years of experience in implementing tailor-made marketing planning tools for numerous companies in a wide range of industries, from SMEs to global corporations, from the service sector to industrial companies.

Want to learn more? We would be happy to present the possibilities of marketing planning tools to you at a non-binding meeting. We can show you how other customers use these systems to make their marketing more efficient. Simply contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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