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gateB is now a SAS Customer Intelligence Specialist

October 12, 2018

gateB expands partnership with SAS

gateB and SAS are leveraging their concentrated customer intelligence to give companies the opportunity to understand their customers even better and more completely. Together, they're helping businesses establish close customer relationships and create lasting customer experiences.

gateB has been a Silver Partner of SAS – one of the largest software manufacturers in the world and a leader in the field of analytics – for many years. Now, the partnership is expanding. gateB is officially a SAS Customer Intelligence Specialist.

At the center of the expanded partnership is SAS Customer Intelligence 360 (SAS 360), a SAS product that helps to create relevant, satisfying, and valuable customer experiences. Based on data analysis and with the help of predictive analytics, SAS 360 delivers a 360-degree view and better understanding of the customer and his or her behavior – without having to call in statisticians. This allows customers to be addressed contextually via inbound and outbound channels, generating relevant customer experiences and deeper brand loyalty. 

«gateB is one of Switzerland's leading companies in the field of customer intelligence and is therefore the logical partner for us. »

— Dennis Eichkorn, Sr Alliances & Channel Manager

"SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is an ideal addition to gateB's core objective of helping companies to establish faster, better, and more intelligent customer relationships," says Robert Schumacher, Director at gateB. "Together, we would like to make marketing even more personalized, even more individual."

SAS 360 has very broad application possibilities as well as in-depth solution and analysis approaches. It can also be easily integrated into existing content management systems and linked to "on-premise" analytics solutions.

SAS 360 is divided into three application areas: Plan, Discover, Engage.

  • With SAS 360 Plan, all marketing strategies can be coordinated, enabling teams to act quickly and precisely. Planning, workflows, and resource management are automated and streamlined. This makes collaboration more efficient. It also enables the optimization of marketing investments so their return can be increased.
  • SAS 360 Discover dynamically records the interactions of all customers. It generates usable customer knowledge from this data, combines it with other findings, and thus enables the much more precise modeling of individual customers. This makes marketing more targeted, more individual, and ultimately more effective.
  • With SAS 360 Engage, the knowledge gained – from SAS Discover, as well as from other sources – can be utilized in such a way that individual offers are made to customers at the appropriate time on a wide variety of digital channels.

Would you like to learn more about our partnership with SAS or about our customer intelligence capabilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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