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New features for marketing automation

March 7, 2019

Improved visibility, CRM integration, and synchronization with external systems

Our Selligent-based marketing automation solutions are updated with new features that significantly improve performance and handling.

Thanks to marketing automation, marketing measures can be defined to actively control the customer throughout the lifecycle, across all channels, and automatically, creating a relevant brand experience at every turn and enabling consistent customer lifecycle marketing.

And, now, our marketing automation solutions have been enhanced with numerous features that make life easier for marketers — and make customer journeys even more successful.

The three key enhancements include:

Interactive Dashboards: With a variety of widgets, the performance of all marketing measures becomes even easier to evaluate at a glance. The results can be filtered by numerous parameters, which helps you gain even more valuable insights.

CRM Integration: Our solutions could already be easily integrated into existing CRM systems. With the update, though, your CRM can now be operated as an everyday marketing tool, giving you the ability to create new journeys easily and continuously. Thanks to the improved integration, marketing and sales activities can now synchronize seamlessly.

New Journey Components: Flexible, user-defined components optimize the interface to external systems via API, meaning that brands can now respond to any data change in real-time within their orchestrated journeys. With the new components, internal systems can be linked to any and all external systems, including data from printers, wearables, and much more.



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