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Report from Selligent Reconnect 2018

October 4, 2018

Walking a mile in the customer’s shoes: How can marketing teams react to increasing customer requirements?

Customers are becoming more and more demanding. They increasingly expect an individual – and not just segmented – approach. What consequences does this have for marketing? Selligent Reconnect 2018 set out to answer that question.

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s customer and partner event once again provided exciting insights from the daily lives of marketers and analytics specialists. Here are a few of our key takeaways.

1. Email marketing is not dead, but it is often misused by companies

Only around a quarter of all companies have implemented lifecycle programs and use dynamic content or behavioral targeting. But these tools are critical when it comes to giving customers the kind of focus they expect today, paying attention to them throughout the entire customer journey and offering them real experiences. Email marketing, in particular, offers many pitfalls if it is not carefully planned. For example, automated technology could send baby offers to a family because their daughter is pregnant. That seems to be an anticipation of the customer’s wants and needs, but could have negative consequences if the parents don't know about the baby yet. Or, more commonly, a customer could be offered a product that he has already bought. Sophisticated marketing automation solutions help to individualize communication and avoid such mistakes.

«If I don't know my customers and their needs well enough, even the best campaign won’t reach them.»

2. Spotlight on the customer: from segmentation to individual treatment

Today’s customer demands to be addressed individually rather than as part of a segment. It's key for marketers to know the customer, to know how she communicates, lives, moves etc. In 2018, operation and support are required in real time. On the one hand, this is only possible with sophisticated software solutions that determine the relevant data from the multitude of available data, link them with each other and thus make them usable. On the other hand, it is important for marketers to "walk a mile in their customer’s shoes," i.e. to take the customer's point of view in order to understand where they really feel the pinch and what they really expect. This is only possible if behavior, interaction, transaction, CRM, and social media data are combined to create dynamic customer profiles and individualized customer experiences.

3. Let artificial intelligence work for your marketing

The use of artificial intelligence is an invaluable support when it comes to addressing customers even more individually. The benefits of artificial intelligence are exponential when it comes to efficiency (less effort) and effectiveness (greater impact). As a result of smart AI usage, churn is reduced and customer loyalty and commitment are increased, which in turn results in higher sales and larger market shares.



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