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"2019 Tech Trends Report"

July 16, 2019

Important topics for marketers from the Future Today Institute

Tech is moving us forward faster than ever before. That’s no surprise. Anyone who has been paying attention (and marketing professionals certainly have been) has seen that the ever-widening availability and use of technology is driving change in virtually every area of our lives.

The Tech Trends Report from the Future Today Institute underscores this observation. In fact, the report itself is a testament to the widespread nature of the technological revolution; it touches on everything from “Government and Technology Policy” to “Workplace and Learning Technologies,” from “Home Automation and the IoT” to “Health Technologies, Digital Self-Care, and Wearables.”

That’s a broad scope. And part of the report’s value comes from its ability to scan our lives and pinpoint where tech is bringing change. But if you’re a marketing professional, odds are you don’t have time to read — or even scan — all 380 pages.

Here are some takeaways from the report that are relevant for marketing professionals.

  • Artificial intelligence is not just a trend. It's the most important technological development in our lives, according to the report. And the fields of application are becoming ever broader (p. 70-96). At gateB, we're using AI in customer journeys. For example, we leverage AI to create product recommendations to improve customer experience and increase conversion rates. Find out more here.
  • Your piles of data are useful, but perhaps you haven't yet unleashed their full potential. On page 129, you can find some data-based trends to follow. If you're interested in an exchange with experts, our data scientists are at your disposal. Contact us.
  • "Voice search optimization is the new search engine optimization" (p. 201).
  • Virtual reality has come to stay – and offers both B2B and B2C marketers a wide range of applications in the area of immersive, impressive storytelling (p. 227).
  • If you think that your customers are already generating a lot of data, wait for the next trend: connected clothing (e.g., earables, smart rings, smart belts) is on the rise (p. 285). This makes it more important than ever to deal with your current data, both getting it organized and understanding how to integrate and use new data in the future. Our data scientists can support you in this.

Want to take a look for yourself? Read the full 2019 Tech Trends Report here.

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