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White paper about big data analytics

December 14, 2016

The magic of data science in marketing

Marketing operations has been a prominent topic for pretty much every company that sells products or services. It does not matter if these are sold B2B or B2C; awareness about the brand, products, etc. plays a crucial role to stay competitive in a world full of offers and to retain existing clients.  A marketing operations management with powerful campaigns and measures is a necessity when it comes to develop a strong brand and generate leads.

However, in recent years the field of data science in marketing, or “marketing analytics” has blossomed. With the digital age, a lot more data is accessible, which opens opportunities that marketers didn’t even dare dreaming about before. We all know targeted marketing, albeit it is not always obvious to us.

Everyone speaks about data science and big data in marketing, but only few have yet managed to offer “the whole package”, combining in-depth marketing knowledge with expertise in data science and the respective field of application. For a bank has quite different needs and requirements than a real estate company or a retailer.

The following article summarizes the prominent role big data plays in modern marketing and provides an overview of how data can be turned into value by gateB’s data scientists.

White Paper


Download our white paper to learn more about the importance of data analysis for modern, successful, and focused marketing.

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