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Customer Intelligence & Marketing Analytics

After analyzing your customer data, we use our proprietary models to predict future behavior. It's all visualized on our marketing dashboard, making it easy for you to launch targeted campaigns, measure them, and iterate for optimal results. The right decisions at the right time – reaching targets has never been easier.

«Together, we master the challenges of digital transformation and produce significant change.»

— Robert Schumacher, Director

These days, marketing and data analytics go hand in hand. Whether it is communications, advertisement, or sales, the critical role of analytics is recognized in virtually every aspect and at each stage of the customer journey. And this importance is only set to grow.

Our data scientists can equip your team with tools and frameworks to derive the most efficient and effective marketing actions in every context. These “actionable insights” allow you to engage your customers with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel, leading to:

  • Maximized revenues through leveraging data-informed opportunities
  • Reduced costs through optimized processes, targeted investments, and focused customer communication
  • Strengthened customer loyalty through tailored journeys and more relevant offerings
  • Lowered churn rates through reduced pain-points

While traditional marketing methods focus on specific products, services, and channels, the primary focus of data-driven marketing in the digital age is the customer. By delivering targeted advertising to sophisticatedly segmented customer groups, our customer intelligence enhances marketing effectiveness and performance. The best part – it's measurable and sustainable.

By analyzing the relevant datasets (whether small or big), intelligent and increasingly precise predictions can be made regarding the behavior of single customers or groups of customers. One of the many benefits that marketing analytics provides is preparing businesses to take the necessary steps to prevent churn and strengthen loyalty before it’s too late.

Our data scientists and developers are experts in marketing analytics with comprehensive knowledge of all areas relevant to marketing and communications.

White Paper
The Magic of Data Science in Marketing

White Paper

Download our White Paper "The Magic of Data Science in Marketing" to learn more about data-driven marketing and take your enterprise into the digital future.

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