gateB AG

Marketing Automation & Campaign Management

We automate your dialogue with the customer across all touchpoints, creating personalized and consistent experiences in real time. Based on behavioral data, we craft optimized multichannel customer journeys.

«Marketing automation turns data into value.»

— Marco Wyler, Director Marketing Operations

Multichannel marketing focuses on the overall experience of customers and potential customers across touchpoints. By providing timely content that is contextually tailored to the customer and channel, you relevantly accompany them on their unique journeys, sustainably strengthening your brand.

Each new interaction generates additional data that serves to further improve future interactions.

Our multi-channel publishing tools and solutions integrate the management and data analysis of all touch points, whether newsletters, e-commerce, website, social media, or CRM systems.

Learn, implement, measure, and iterate – your campaigns become more effective, efficient, and transparent.

We combine our expertise in data analysis with our mastery of solution design and content management to create outstanding, customer-centered automation solutions.

Relevant Content at the Right Time through the Right Channel


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