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Multichannel Publishing & Marketing Operations

We offer comprehensive services and system-wide solutions for all your multichannel publishing and marketing resource management needs:

Collaborative content creation
Content distribution
Optimized marketing processes
Advertising collateral planning
Content localization

«The automation of information and content processes frees up resources for strategy and innovation.»

— Uli Meier, Director Multichannel Publishing

Modern marketing can make use of more instruments and channels than ever before. The dialogue of brands and enterprises with their customers is held in real time and is customized. Efficient and automated processes allow modern marketing organizations to focus these marketing instruments more on strategic and creative themes than on operational and repetitive tasks.

We support you in all marketing processes – from planning and budgeting to the automated creation of advertisement materials to control and reporting. This reduces your time-to-market, makes your marketing more efficient, and also strengthens brand compliance.

Today's companies have more ways to engage their customers, and customers have steadily come to rely on the most diverse communication and information channels. This means that companies have to coordinate their various channels. We help them optimize this complex and time-consuming task with a multichannel publishing solution – it's easy, efficient, and transparent.

Produced once, publish multiple times. We implement Censhare's solution for easy communication management with a flexible and unique structure. It creates media-neutral content for any type of publication while at the same time publishing it across a diverse range of channels.

We offer you comprehensive consulting and implementation competencies in the automation of your marketing, communication, and publication processes.

White Paper
Why Successful Marketing Requires a Content Hub

White Paper

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