BrandMaker is a leading vendor of marketing resource management (MRM) systems. The modular platform can be combined in any desired way and covers the whole marketing process.

The modular platform covers the whole marketing process

  • Budget Planning & Management: Marketing needs to be viewed as a revenue center. CMOs and their teams need tools to manage budget planning and management as a marketing operation. Run by marketers for marketers.
  • Campaign Planning & Execution: It’s not your imagination. Marketing has gotten harder. Enterprise marketers today manage 6x as many campaigns – but with just 1/6 the time to complete them!
  • Content Creation & Distribution: With the demand for fast-turn, segmented, translated, and personalized content growing insatiably, content creation is where a marketing team shines… or drowns.
  • Brand Management & Localization: Knowing for certain how your brand is being used across geographies and campaigns, and that company and legal compliance is maintained is part of running a large, complex, global marketing function.
  • Performance Measurement & Optimization: Having the ability to know, optimize, and demonstrate your contribution is simply a requirement of marketing today... but connecting the silos to measure it is elusive.
eBook: Top 10 Practices

eBook: Top 10 Practices

BrandMaker put together 10 Top Practices from the World’s Most Successful Marketing Teams.

Download this eBook from BrandMaker about the 10 Top Practices from the World’s Most Successful Marketing Teams.

The Forrester Wave 2020 cites BrandMaker as a leader in the fast-growing need for marketing resource management (MRM), particularly in providing enterprise-wide capabilities needed to manage global marketing operations.

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