Since 1996, BSI has been a leader in using innovative technologies to develop omnichannel software for customer relationship marketing and marketing automation. They support companies in the digitalization of customer dialogue and users in the mission of customer satisfaction.

With BSI CX, cross-departmental customer journeys that react flexibly to customer behavior can be designed and automated. These can be monitored and optimized in real time. The integrated content management system and the intelligent link with CRM data and processes ensure that customers can be served at online and offline touchpoints in a personalized and needs-based manner.

Five reasons for marketing automation with BSI CX

  1. Design and automate customer journeys
  2. Identify and integrate touchpoints
  3. Create content and play it at precisely the right time
  4. Actively use events, behavior and preferences
  5. Analyze and optimize customer journeys

BSI's marketing automation solution is particularly suitable for implementing trigger-based marketing. What trigger-based marketing is and why companies should try this approach explained Robert Schumacher, Director gateB, at the BSI Summit 2020.