Templafy is a fast-growing B2B Software-as-a-Service company, helping millions of users improve productivity and compliance across business documents and emails. Templafy’s platform assists in each stage of the document creation workflow, delivering more productive, compliant and enjoyable ways of working in office applications. It’s a solution communications and compliance teams can control, IT can trust and employees love using.

Templafy makes business document creation faster and more accurate

Access everything: Easy search of all company content using intelligent filters that show only relevant content individualized to the user.

Build smart: Automate business document creation with smart templates that personalize to the individual with the latest company content. Optimize documents quickly with professional productivity and adjustment tools.

Check to perfect: Smart updates of company owned content and auto-fix of detected inconsistencies and errors keep business documents always on-brand.

Templafy integrates with programs involved in document creation so users can experience an uninterrupted workflow from creation to storage. Strong integrations establish a smart document ecosystem where users can access company content from other programs using a task pane embedded right where they’re working in the document creation app.

Templafy: Definitive Guide to Template Management

Templafy: Definitive Guide to Template Management

Download this guide from our partner Templafy to learn more about template management and how you can increase productivity of document creation by up to 30% or reduce IT maintenance on templates by 95%.

Download the Definitive Guide to Template Management

Templafy asked Forrester to complete a Total Economic Impact study of their platform and they produced the numbers. Their study finds that organizations with 10.000 users see a 1,239% ROI after implementing Templafy.

Many Marketing & Sales teams like to work in their existing environments such as Microsoft 365, but require intelligent templates and at least partially automated content creation processes. This is where solutions like Templafy come into play and help in the compliant document creation whilst providing a simple user experience.

René Affolter

Director, gateB

gateB delivers Templafy’s software in Switzerland