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gateB implements a fully integrated marketing portal for AMAG

The Swiss general importer of the VW Group, AMAG, hired gateB to create a comprehensive marketing portal for its more than 500 dealers and partners. For enterprises like AMAG, with hundreds of branches, automating marketing processes is hugely beneficial. Based on BrandMaker software, gateB built them a marketing portal that makes it easy to administer media assets. AMAG’s new portal also enables them to create and adapt advertising materials and ensure all marketing assets comply with corporate identity, design, and quality guidelines. What's more, its cloud-based design makes it possible to access assets anytime and anywhere. Those in charge of overseeing marketing operations gain the additional benefit of the transparency that comes from the portal’s overview functionality. From budget to success monitoring and reporting, marketing plans’ numbers can be managed, easily tracked, assigned, and monitored. As a bonus, the marketing portal has also delivered AMAG substantial cost reductions.

Case Study


Read here how the AMAG Group is using a marketing portal to streamline all processes from planning to the creation of advertising material – at its more than 80 locations and for all brands.

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