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gateB implements a global brand portal for Bühler

For Bühler, a leading technology group, gateB’s specialists implemented a custom global brand portal. This portal gives Bühler employees easy and intuitive access to clear brand guidelines, plus all the other assets they need – from logos and pictures to documents and videos. Within the same portal, they can customize corporate-approved print or online templates to create locally-relevant brand collateral. A centralized branding and marketing team manages the system, ensuring that the right assets are available to all global branches, or even external agencies, at any time. All employees need for direct access to the content is a simple login. The single, globally-accessible portal ensures a consistent, strong brand presence and improves the efficiency of company collaboration and communication.

Case Study

Case Study

Read the full story detailing how the global brand portal powered streamlined communication, strong branding, and easy corporate-to-local asset customization at Bühler Group. 

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