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We are the Swiss partner for Selligent Marketing Cloud

Marketing automation and campaign management with Selligent

gateB has partnered with Selligent to give you the power to address your customers with data-based, personalized messages at the right time on the right channels. Use these automated, AI-based tools to actively guide them through the customer relationship cycle. Here are just a few examples of Selligent Marketing Cloud's wide range of applications.

With an engagement hub, you can control all touchpoints and processes from a central location. This enables a coordinated customer experience across all channels. You gain the ability to leverage customer data directly at the point of contact in real time.

With data-driven multichannel campaign management, you can offer the customer a relevant brand experience with customized communication, empowering consistent customer lifecycle marketing.

Engage your customers with a personalized website that constantly reacts to and learns from its visitors' actions. Each time the site gets a new visitor, it highlights relevant content as it learns about their interests. The data the site gathers as visitors move across it can follow them to other touchpoints, delivering a highly customized brand experience aligned with their interests.

Product recommendations based on artificial intelligence allow you to place the right products at the right time using self-learning algorithms. Product information is continuously combined with customer behavior as you retain constant transparency as to which offers are shown.

Multichannel marketing makes the customer experience a top priority. By offering relevant and current content across different channels, a brand can sustainably strengthen its appeal.

With Selligent, the data necessary to create this relevant content is aggregated from interactions (e.g. newsletters, e-commerce, web) or from existing databases and CRM systems. Each additional interaction generates additional data, enabling a continuous learning process right from the first campaign.

This makes campaigns more effective (increased conversion) and more efficient (more relevant segments), as well as more transparent. With each interaction, you gain data and additional intelligence, making your marketing efforts more impactful.

Use Case


Read how we implemented integrated multichannel management with solutions from Selligent Marketing Cloud for a Swiss SME active in the field of high-end paper and writing culture.

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