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AI-based Product Recommendations

Predictive personalization in real time. Day by day, thinking machines are making their way into modern marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI) has a wide range of potential uses. We’ll show you how you can immediately use AI on your website to promote products in a more targeted way, maximizing your conversion rate. 

Marketing professionals need to continuously refine their communication in order to keep their messaging relevant to their customers' specific needs. This means predicting each customer's taste and delivering appropriate content at the right moment.

With a simple plugin on your existing website, you can use self-learning algorithms to provide your customers with the right products at the right time. These algorithms continuously combine product information with customer behavior. You retain transparency at all times as to which offers are shown. We not only handle the technical implementation of this turnkey intelligence for you, we also define the customer journey and offer additional analytical services. In addition to the self-learning product recommendation, we offer other out-of-the-box algorithms. We can easily configure these algorithms based on your own business logic to design further machine learning scenarios of your choice.

This initial concrete and measurable experience with AI is just the start. You can tailor its use to best suit your customer journeys, improving the overall customer experience and increasing your conversion rate. AI-driven marketing strategies give you unique – and uniquely beneficial – ways to maximize your goals.

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