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Analytical Proof of Value

Based on a campaign, our Analytical Proof of Value enables marketing managers to provide evidence of the positive effect data-driven marketing has on their own company.

New, more effective marketing methods are gaining ground, thanks to the rapid progress of digitization. Compared to conventional marketing tools, though, data-driven marketing is still seen as a new discipline whose success within businesses must be proved. In the budget, the new methods often compete with other well-known instruments. This is true even though it's now possible to measure and demonstrate the success of a data-based marketing campaign.

Using a campaign you've already planned, our Analytical Proof of Value is a standardized and proven quantitative analysis approach that confirms the effectiveness and added value of data-based methods. Even during the pilot project, the investment required will often be offset by the additional sales generated or the savings achieved.

Our Analytical Proof of Value has proved its worth for companies wanting to verify the benefits of data-based, predictive models – without sacrificing sales potential. Our campaign test design ensures measurability and relevant conclusions after the campaign has run. These include higher accuracy and increased performance of the analytical target group selection when compared to conventional methods.

In an initial, one-day Business and Data Understanding Workshop, we ensure the Analytic Proof of Value is set up and designed to produce measurable and informative results. We also inspect the data for usefulness and quality and clarify all issues regarding your data protection. After the data transfer, we compute and document the analytical models. We then present all the results to you so you can conduct the campaign as planned but with additional analytical intelligence. After the campaign has run, we support you in analyzing and visually representing the results. An Analytical Proof of Value takes about one to three months, depending on the type of campaign.

The Successful Base for Your Business Case


Download the factsheet Analytical Proof of Value to get more information about our approach. 

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