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Corporate Listening Dashboard

Corporate listening provides real-time, data-based insights into the social market topics and trends that are relevant to you. It reveals both positive and negative conversations unfolding around your company, brand, and essential influencers.

In its first iteration in 1999, The Cluetrain Manifesto already understood the truth that markets are conversations. Today, the digital social market of conversation is alive and bustling. And whether you’re intentionally engaged or not, your company is a part of it. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more – the diversity of channels presents a considerable challenge. You need to not only maintain a clear overview of the unfolding dialogue on all channels but also extract and understand the relevant information.

With a clear overview of market conversations across various channels, our Corporate Listening is your solution. Using relevant questions and the latest technology, it detects social topics, then systematically refines and visually represents them – revealing the hot topics and pain points of your target groups. From internal and external platforms, from social and classic media, our proven approach quickly gleans relevant information for you, often from questions you hadn’t even thought to ask. Our thorough documentation and visual representation make trends and topics easy to grasp and act on.

With corporate listening, communication officers get a 360-degree view of their target markets' communication activities. Understanding the relevant topics and conversations about your company, you can also zoom in on single tweets, posts, and comments. From a clear overview to specific details, you get actionable insight, clearly displayed at a glance. These insights help you develop more strategic communication measures. They also provide a foundation for even more in-depth network analysis.

In an initial workshop, we formulate the relevant questions and queries and identify the appropriate sources of information to ensure the corporate listening process generates significant results. When the results come in, we analyze them and visualize our findings. (Of course, we can also implement all of this on your company’s internal IT or data systems.) We then assist you in interpreting them and demonstrate ways to operationalize them. We end by helping you shape business processes and evaluate possible technologies for ongoing listening and analysis.

Knowing What Consumers Think of You


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