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Customer Insight Snapshot

Our customer insight snapshot provides marketers with insight into the structure and behavior of customers. The snapshot provides the foundation for fact-based decisions about customer segmentation and the shaping of customized interaction with customers.

Knowing the name, location, and gender of a customer may have been enough at one point, but not today. Behavior-based data is what’s needed now. It allows companies to segment customers and communicate with them in relevant and genuine ways. In the age of disruption – marked by companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Instacart – customers expect excellent experiences on top of excellent products. And the only way to provide that is by knowing them. Do you know your clients? How do you get to know them? What data do you need? What data do you already have?

After merging all relevant customer data, we run analysis and visually represent your existing customer structure. Our Customer Insight Snapshot immediately reveals ways to segment customers for optimum journeys. By combining these insights with other information from sales, customer service, and external sources, the database can be expanded. We provide robust reports for further use or more in-depth analysis of connections.

Account managers gain a 360-degree view of their customers. With clearly understood customer data in hand, you can take more targeted marketing actions and get immediate feedback on your MROI.

In an initial workshop, we design and set up your Customer Insight Snapshot to generate measurable and significant results. We analyze your data for its usefulness and quality, and clear data privacy issues. After the data transfer, we analyze and visualize your customer data with state-of-the-art methods. (Of course, we can also implement all of this on your company’s internal IT or data systems.) We then assist you in interpreting the results and show you concrete measures to take, prioritizing them in partnership with you.

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Downlaod our factsheet if you want to learn more about the possibilities of a Customer Insight Snapshot.

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