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Customer Journey Orchestration: listen to your customers, understand their true intent, and act in real-time

Companies that delight their customers with personalized experiences have a clear advantage over those that don’t. The ability to deliver meaningful customer experiences comes down to integrating data across all channels and connecting systems as well as teams. It’s about employing an omnichannel strategy that ensures that your brand listens to its customers at all touchpoints. In this way, companies can derive personalized inclinations from each customer and use them to greatly increase the relevance of the content they share.

Bridging the gap between teams and systems to truly engage your customer
Customers get frustrated if they face an inconsistent experience when changing the channel. The reason often lies in having different teams managing channels independently, each with its own system. But for the customer, it’s just one organization. The key to success lies in combining data from all channels and using the aggregated results to orchestrate meaningful journeys in real-time for each individual customer. That way, the customer gets a consistent, personalized experience no matter how they interact with your brand. Our journey orchestration platform can help you deliver exactly that.

Power the technology you already have
A Journey Orchestration platform enables you to listen and capture interactions across all channels and sync messages and experiences. It integrates customer data from multiple sources much faster and more easily than with traditional methods. It forms target groups in real-time, then delivers messaging using the tools you already have in place (e.g., Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign, Eloqua). 

In short, our solution integrates data from all touchpoints across all of your existing digital engagement platforms, giving your employees actionable intelligence and providing them with a clear next best action. And with its visualization of customer journeys and functionalities that help you derive true customer intention, it helps you employ the most relevant marketing measures on those platforms in the moment.

Let's talk about possible use cases to understand how Customer Journey Orchestration might work for your organization:

  • A customer downloading a brochure on the website triggers the sending of their information to the responsible sales representative
  • Participation at an event triggers a personalized widget on the website
  • A clear sign of interest in a specific solution triggers an automatic hand-over of the contact to the outbound call center
  • A specific interaction on a channel triggers a personalized email

Customer journey orchestration connects touchpoints to enable an incredible customer experience
It's extremely difficult to consistently provide your customers with relevant, engaging content unless you know what they personally find relevant and engaging. Fortunately, your customers are giving you hints all the time, providing your company with data each time they interact at any of your various touchpoints. The trick is to ensure that all of that data is collected, connected, and analyzed to inform your customer view, then used to shape a meaningful, personalized customer experience.  

Main benefits:

  • Transparency on customer journeys from marketing to sales
  • Higher conversion of leads throughout the marketing funnel
  • Lower drop-off rates at important "moments of truth“ within the funnel
  • More efficient utilization of sales and key account resources as you provide them with relevant leads and real-time information
  • A narrowed gap between marketing leads and sales
  • Personalized engagements at scale and in the right context
  • A seamless experience for customers who interact with your brand

Your next steps
We can help. gateB's consulting, data science, and integration specialists implement our orchestration platform at your company in such a way that you can generate added value for your customers within a few months. We ensure your existing data sources and technologies are seamlessly integrated. We prioritize the use cases with the highest business value and subsequently implement them step by step. We also provide training and support so your team can work successfully with the journey orchestration platform on an ongoing basis.

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