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Digital Marketing Dashboard

Our digital marketing dashboard provides marketing officers with a simple and transparent overview of their KPIs and the performance of their offline and online campaigns. Dashboards can be used on desktops and mobile devices.

In our digital world, the way we interact with customers continually evolves. To determine value, marketers must measure each communication for performance.
Over the last several years, various reports, dashboards, and monitoring tools have been developed and put to use by companies interested in monitoring their marketing performance.
Because integration of these discrete tools is tedious, if not impossible, many marketers and companies find themselves left with a jumbled mishmash of monitoring tools. Given this state of affairs, it’s understandable that others don't even attempt to measure.
In both cases, an intuitive and easy-to-handle integration and reporting solution is needed. It must provide an overview of the current state of marketing affairs and allow for comparing (and increasingly predicting) the performance of campaigns.

As a web-based application optimized for mobile devices, our digital marketing dashboard offers easy access to your marketing performance data. With our dashboard's visualized and easy to interpret results, it's painless to optimize your marketing activities. Depending on your indicators, visualizations are chosen, aggregates created, and comparisons made over time. And it's all adapted to your needs.

Our Digital Marketing Dashboard helps your marketers develop key performance indicators. It also provides them with a cross-channel overview of the results of all marketing and communication actions so the success or failure of each action becomes apparent.
As clarity around the strategic allocation of budgets increases so does the return on marketing investment.

During our first meeting, we set-up and design a digital marketing dashboard that visually presents your KPIs. We then review your data sources to consolidate data and prepare it for the dashboard requirements. With this foundation in place, we prepare and present to you a mock-up of the final look and feel of the dashboard. We speak with you about your individual user needs, and adapt the user experience to reflect them for a positive user experience.

Digital Marketing Dashboard


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