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Digital Maturity Assessment

Get a clear, comprehensive view of your company's digital readiness – and benchmarks for ongoing growth in key areas – with our Digital Maturity Assessment. It shows your specific "digital gaps" so your team can identify the most critical action areas. This clarity helps you transition from the status quo to your target image in the digital world. 

Every company today is tasked with digital transformation. As Peter Glaser, writer and technology journalist and honorary member of the CCC, reminds us, "Everything that can be digitized will be digitized. Everything." So where does your company, your department, and your team stand? What does it mean for you to become digital and be successful in a digital world? What do you need to take the necessary steps towards digitization? And – perhaps most importanlty – where and how should you start?

gateB's Digital Maturity Assessment is designed for companies that want to tackle their digital transformation systematically, measuring progress in a transparent way. A proven digital questionnaire is sent to a defined internal target group, gathering key metrics on the digital degree of maturity (actual state) and the potential (target state). Using this tool, we can identify the roadmap to digital transformation and the potential challenges along the way. Once this data is gathered, you will receive a benchmarking report that documents and visualizes the quantitative and qualitative results.

The Digital Maturity Assessment is a tool to make your company fit for the digital age. gateB accompanies you to ensure efficiency and effectiveness with a proven and systematic approach. You not only get a detailed assessment of your current state, but also concrete instructions on a roadmap that lays out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. We help you prioritize the most pressing "digital gaps" so you know where and how to start digitizing your business processes.

In an initial workshop, gateB gets clarity on your objectives and stakeholders. We also gather information so we can gear setup and design of the procedure to your company. This ensures that your digitization project is strategically aligned, culturally appropriate, and that we can provide you with the necessary, measurable, and technically meaningful results. gateB supports you in the selection and formulation of the critical questions as well as in the analysis, visualization, and interpretation of your survey results. Afterwards, gateB will create a roadmap for you, showing you a timeline of the required steps from your current status to your digital target image.



Are you interested in a Digital Maturity Assessment? Download the factsheet to learn more about our approach.

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