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Marketing Mix Optimizer

Generating leads? Raising awareness? Strengthening journeys and commitment? If you've wondered who needs to hear which message and where, our Marketing Mix Optimizer is for you.

The challenges faced by corporate marketing departments are steadily increasing due to the competitive environment of the digital information age. The channels through which customers can be reached are becoming more numerous. At the same time, the desire for personal and needs-oriented treatment is increasing on the customer side. A key challenge for today's marketer is the optimal distribution of the existing budget across all available channels based on the customer journey, the goal of the contact channel, and the respective direct and indirect channel costs. This requires knowledge of the contribution of each channel to the optimal customer journey and proof of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing measures. 

Using a state-of-the-art algorithm that considers both inputs and targets, our Marketing Mix Optimizer (MMO) calculates the optimum allocation of your marketing budget for all channels. With statistical and machine learning methods, it not only increases campaigns' effectiveness but also makes their inputs measurable and transparent. Different simulation possibilities empower you to compare diverse scenarios and take into account the specific conditions of your campaign. You can adapt output to each situation, considering each unique aspect. This is not a standard black box solution but accounts for individual customers' requirements and conditions of competition.

Customers do not think in channels but in topics. Orchestrating your marketing efforts holistically across all channels helps to achieve the highest possible target contribution. The Marketing Mix Optimizer from gateB gives the marketing and campaign manager a solution for optimally distributing the marketing budget to the available channels – across all touchpoints. This depends on the campaign goals (core and sub-KPIs) and the resources available. This optimizes your marketing budget allocation based on the customer journey and the goal and KPI. Strategic and operational in daily business, the Marketing Mix Optimizer allows you to better understand the impact of campaigns across all channels, customer segments and touchpoints, and to understand the impact of each one sustainably.

In an initial, one-day business and data understanding workshop, gateB ensures that the setup and design of the project are successfully defined. Based on this, a project order is created. This includes a roadmap to give you transparency about the respective project phase, the delivery objects, and the required resources. This first phase usually takes about 3 months, depending on the project scope you have defined (number of contact points, number of campaigns, number of products/offers, number of served/considered channels) and your opportunities to cooperate, especially in data processing.



Download our factsheet (German) if you want to learn more about the Marketing Mix Optimizer. 

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