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Marketing Mix Optimizer

Generating leads? Raising awareness? Strengthening journeys and commitment? If you've wondered who needs to hear which message and where, our Marketing Mix Optimizer is for you.

In our digital age, the way we interact with customers continually evolves. To determine value, each communication on each channel should be measured for performance. Over the last several years, various reports, dashboards, and monitoring tools have been developed and put to use by companies interested in monitoring their marketing performance. Because integration of these discrete tools is tedious, if not impossible, many marketers and businesses find themselves left with a jumbled mishmash for monitoring. Others don't even attempt to measure. Marketers need an intuitive and easy-to-handle integration and reporting solution. It must provide an overview of the current state of marketing affairs and allow for comparing (and increasingly predicting) the performance of campaigns.

Using a state-of-the-art algorithm that considers both inputs and targets, our Marketing Mix Optimizer (MMO) calculates the optimum allocation of your marketing budget for all channels. With statistical and machine learning methods, it not only increases campaigns' effectiveness but also makes their inputs measurable and transparent. Different simulation possibilities empower you to compare diverse scenarios and take into account the specific conditions of your campaign. You can adapt output to each situation, considering each unique aspect. This is not a standard black box solution but accounts for individual customers' requirements and conditions of competition.

Digital marketing dashboards assist marketers in preparing key performance indicators. They also provide them with a cross-channel overview of the results of all marketing and communication measures. The success or failure of every action becomes obvious. And as clarity around the strategic allocation of budgets increases, so does the return on marketing investment.

In an initial business and data understanding workshop, GateB set-ups and designs the digital marketing dashboard so that KPIs are intuitively and visually presented. Through clearly classifying the data sources, GateB builds the foundation for the dashboard and a positive user experience. After consolidating your data, we help you prepare them for the given requirements. We then present you with a mock-up of the final look and feel of the dashboard, speak with you about your individual user needs, and adapt the user experience of the dashboard to reflect them.



Download our factsheet (German) if you want to learn more about the Marketing Mix Optimizer. 

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